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Originally Posted by RexSiChic View Post
He's never been in jail or prison before. Never been in ANY trouble before. He was arrested for this on 7/10/09. Sometime after his arrest, the current gf pulled some bs about stealing from her and pawning jewelry on 6/24/09, when she was in the pawn shop with him and took the stuff off. The day before the 7/09 offense, she turned the whole group in and got a restraining order, I'm sure so she wouldn't get in trouble. He wasn't charged with the pawn issues until he bonded out for the offense from July. He was placed on 1 year of probation for the pawn offense. Part of his current sentencing was that he was considered a first time non-violent offender. It's an odd situation.
First off, have you found out that it is conditional release? if so, maybe it is because there has been a restraining order out on him before.. that makes him "violent" per-say... maybe that is why then???? I don't know, but possible??????
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