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not everyone has that conditional release once they get out after they have served 85% of their time... only certain inmates get that conditional release. You are told it sometimes way prior to release and sometimes just before your release. There are inmates who once they get out, they are out free and clear.. no conditional release, no probation.. nothing.. they are done with their 85% sentence... my son will be one of them, thank God!

Conditional Release

In 1988, the Florida Legislature created the Conditional Release Program and placed it under the administration of the Commission (see Chapters 947, 948, and 960, Florida Statutes). Conditional Release requires mandatory post-prison supervision for inmates who are sentenced for certain violent crimes and who have served a prior felony commitment, or who are sentenced as a habitual offender, violent habitual offender , violent career criminal, or sexual predator. Unlike parole, conditional release is not discretionary release. Upon release from prison, inmates who are subject to conditional release are supervised for a period of time equal to the gain-time that they received in prison. These offenders are subject to strict conditions of supervision set by the Commission and this supervision can be revoked and the releasee returned to prison if the Commission determines that a violation of supervision has occurred .

The Commission is proposing a post release reintegration program for FY 2010-2011. The goal will be to reduce the recidivism of offenders on conditional release.
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