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Restitution is not negotiable. If he is in prison, there really aint no way he could have paid restitution. If he got 10 years, he probably should have made parole by now, UNLESS he was a violent offender and given 85% to do. In other words, if that is the case, he is close to coming home now. If your state has good time, that would have knocked it down, but if he has been in 7 years on a 10 year sentence, it sounds like he was a violent offender.

Most times you get out after doing 2 years and change on a 10 year sentence.

I imagine the courts arent expecting him to make restitution while he is incarcerated. He will be given instructions upon release on how long he has to get it paid off. If you want to pay his restitution, you might want to contact the courts. Either way, he wont get out before his time is up. Paying the restitution aint going to get him out before they are ready to open the door.

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