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Originally Posted by Sweetswife View Post
I have a couple of answers but not all....First the level of security makes a difference...Whether he is minimum, medium or close supervision or maximum. Second, there are specific programs at various prisons that assist with various issues, such as rehabilitation in various areas (for example...substance abuse), next they usually try to find a close prison near to the offender's home. If your loved one is over 2 hours away (via Mapquest) you can get a transfer to a closer institution. Keeping these objectives in mind, do a little research and see if your loved one is appropriately placed, then go from there. Good luck.
PS Try calling the house or dorm or whatever your particular prison calls their person in charge of the group where your son resides.....ours is called a case manager..... and if you are not satisfied, call the warden and still if you are not satisfied, call or write to the higher ups at the state level. The DRC website is easy to navigate and has a LOT of answers and info.

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