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It just depends on the guy. THe biggest problem I think he'll face is being an SO...or at least, that was chris's problem. Because he was classified and SO he was put into a program where no matter what he did, they wouldn't give him leisure time or anything, One of his/my freinds there now has been there for like 4 months and already gets 10 hours a week. Chris was there for 3 years and got 1-2...This is boulder too mind you. Each company and each county is different. I really hope you have a better experience than I did.

There is one really good thing about HWH's though and that is they have some great programs. Chris didn't need to be in SO classes since he didn't technically have a sex offense and is an idiot () but he has told me the program really does help those who need to be there and he didn't mind being the 1 person who was forced to take it so that everyone else could get the help they needed. The programs will teach them self control hopefully.

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