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They won't add time unles he revokes or does something stupid (like new charges). From what chris has told me, probation sucks because they can arbitrarily add time (which is why he cliams he is glad he screwed up his deferred sentence, I hav emy doubts) but the direct sentence to halfwayhouse and parole are different. They have a set length and set discharge date. Chris is technically an SO (despite the fact that he has no sex charges whatsoever, but it was apart of his plea bargin...stupid court appointed attorny didn't tell him what he was getting himself into).
It's not the first step to prison, or at least it's not intended to be. In fact, lots of guys in prison apply for comcorr to get out. The problem is that they have unrealistic expectations of these men and very very few can live up to them and if yo ubreak the house rules, they terminate your contract and that's considered a violation.

I wouldn't worry about taking his name off your account unless you think he'll try to use it. Chris was allowed to have a savings account, but not a checking. They don't want you to have instant access to your own money.

He'll call when he can. He has to get a job really quickly and he should be able to communicate with you from there somehow (which is how I kept in contact with chris till he was able to get a phone.. I won't suggest taht to anyone, he was extremely careful and never got caught with it but had he, it's a write up)

oh! the deal with "adding time" is each time you get written up for something, they remove earned time days. So in a way, you're adding time...kind of. If he keeps his head clean and doesn't do stupid stuff, it should only be like 2 days here, 2 days there. Grand total, in all 3 years chris was in the half way house, he had like...30 days of earned tiem removed. Funnily enough, when he did revoke, they gave them all back to him. Silly DOC.
Parole in colorado sucks. Plain in asimple. Which is why when chris does get paroled, we're going to try to move to NY (I already live here for school) and it's much, much easier here. But again, they won't extend his parole unless he majorly f*cks up.

A lot of guys that came and went through the haflway house told chris he was insane for not selfrevoking and just finishing his time in prison but I think he made the right call. dealing with the bullsh*t sucked, but we wouldn't have the relationship we do if he had been in prison the whole time. It's all about what your guy can put up with.
It won't be easy, but you can still have a relationship with him in the house. ANd not one based on visits once/twice a week and 20 minute phone calls. If he can make it through the rules, he'll be fine, Otherwise, he'll be finishing his sentence inside DOC sadly.

You're lucky though in that he will probably only be in the house for a year max. Chris got screwed for NO reason and we're working with lawyers to present that to a judge and get them to say yeah he got screwed and had the house done what they were uspposed to, he wouldn't have revoked and woudln't have been sent to DOC and hopefully reverse the sentence.
After the house he'll goto one of a few places. SLA's are shared living arangements where he'll live with other cons and have his life monitored but not as extensivly. or he'll get his own apartment and have to report in (like legit parole) or he'll be on one man accountibility meaning he'll be with one other con and they'll basically verify eachothers actions.

Again, i'm unforutently a pretty good expert on this whole halfway house nonsense so please feel free to ask any questions you can think of. I wish I had someone to tell me what to expect.

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