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unforutently I know all too much about hwh's and you're not in for a picnic by any means. The reason that there are a large number of people going from hwh to prison is because the house imposes really unrealistic rules for people to follow. You're expected to not only be an upstanding person, but to have no personal life whatsoever and to never have a thought of your own.

I don't know about midpoint specifically but chris, my boyfreidn, was in one in boulder for 3 years so I know most of their rules and, for the most part, subtle ways to get around them.

There are phones in the house he'll be able to use most likely. He will no be allowed to have a cell phone, a personal bank account or anything that requires him to sign anything. it's realy stupid but the house has this concept that they own you and you can't sign your name to anything. He's allowed to bring his belongings I believe but nothing can be more valuable than 2 or 3 hundred bucks. (which is stupid cause most guys have ipods which are ALWAYS more expensive than they're allowed to have)

He will have to get a job within a short time of being there, will have to pay rent (insane) and pay for treatment. If he's late in his payment,s that's grounds for them to terminate his contract and send him to prison.

They're supposed to be a guideline for how long they're in the houes, but there's no set time. For example, the average at BCTC (HWH in boulder) is 5 months. Chris was there for 3 years and only had 1 major write up (being out of location which I will explain shortly). Got another write up was "rolled back" which refurs to getting sent to prison and has to finish the last 8 months of his sentence in prison.

It's tough. They have to put locations (work, the store etc) on a preapproved list and then "sign out" to those locations. They have to be able to be checked in on at those locations (for example phone monitoring to make sure they are where they say they are). If the get caught being somewhere they aren't supposed to be or even just saying they weren't at that location, they get written up. Sometimes the first one is under lienecy and sometimes they will roll them back. His best bet is to follow this rule since at least 50% of the people I know get rolled back for this violation alone.
if he fails to pay for anything, they can roll him back. if they don't like him, they can roll him back. if he talks back, they can roll him back. I'm not sure if this was just because chris was doing SO classes or not,b ut he was not allowed to have any sexual contact (no kissing, sex etc) (course this didn't stop us )

He may be lucky and go through the house in 6 months and finish off his probation. It sucks because sometiems you can be following all the rules and miss your bus, get back to the house late and get rolled back.
The best metaphor I can think of is uber strict parents. No dating, you must be where I say you can be and home on time or else.

if you have any more questions, please feel free to ask. I've been through the whole process (Probation violation got chris sent to hwh and out of location got him sent to prison) unforutently and went through it for 3 years.

PM or just reply and I'll try to answer any questions you have. :-)

HWH is better than prison cause at least they're on the outside and phone calls don't cost 5 bucks

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