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Originally Posted by bryanswifey1412 View Post
hi I am lookin for an old friend of mine Fernan Stylianopoulos he was last in shirley mci massachusetts i dont know if he is still there lost contact over the yrs and am trying to find him
Go to the DOC websites for the states you last new he was in and go from there. I do not know if you have VINE in your area, but you could go to their website and enter his name and if he is incarcerated it should tell you where. You can also enter your email address in vine, if you find him and they will keep you informed of his whereabouts.

Good luck!


PS- I just looked at VINE for you and he is not in any massachesetts prisons.....I did go to their website and you can call them at an 800 number and give them his name and they will tell you if he is in any of the prisons there. You want to make sure you have his name spelled correctly when you call or do any kind of searches....good luck
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