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My husband is up for Post Prison Supervision in Sept and he is just starting his classes now and this is where I am getting confused cause he is being told so much different information that it is confusing. anyway he will be putting in for Interstate Compact from Oregon to Nevada and he is being told that the family member he is transferring to which is me (his wife of 19 yrs) can not be getting any type of assistance, no food stamps, no section 8 housing, or assistance of any kind. When he comes home if approved I know will be the case but does that mean that I will need to be off assistance before that happens? right now I depend on those being a single parent it is not easy and I was just approved for SSDI so do they count that as well? The confusing part is my hubby is being told that before they can approve the Interstate compact or he can fill out the forms I can not be on assistance of any kind. Is that true?

He lived in Nevada prior to being arrested and was sent to Oregon a few months later. He will be a RSO and my current landlord who also knows my husband prior to his arrest in 2005 has already said he could live here. I

How are the family members waiting for there loved ones supposed to get by while they are waiting for the release of the loved one?
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