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Originally Posted by JustWondering2 View Post
From what I understand, they have to investigate the home where he will be going to. They want to make sure there are no other people on Parole living there and if you have enough room and if there are no guns, etc. In other words they are investigating where he will be living and if it is appropriate. I have seen here where some were denied because after the inspection they said there was not enough room (which I assume means they figured too many peole already lived there). They want to be sure they are going to a place that is drug and alcohol free and that no one there may have a violence problem. That is my understaning of what they need to investigate.
Well state parole just came to investigate the home. No call or nothing. They just showed up and was kinda rude to me. Anyway, he said Missouri only gave him 5 business days to approve the residence and interstate compact. he said he wants to make sure my fiancee actually lived here before he was sent to Missouri. My fiance has lived in Cali his whole life. So it is due today back at the state office for denial or approval, but supposedly that office has another 2 weeks to return it to Missouri. then we only have 11 days before his release. so Im still up in the air abt buying plane tickets and what i should do abt that.....this is all so very frustrating
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