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Originally Posted by MissTee22 View Post
Wow, sounds like the new warden (if the changes are because of them) may be a doozy to deal with, but I'll hope for the best. At least the news of one more week of lockdown is something good, I guess. It could be longer, considering the circumstances. Thanks again Lz, you're the best!
Welcome..... K seems to think things will improve. Apparently the old warden got rid of all the , How do I say it, the not gangs , but the muscle, the heads.... (gangs, but not like “ street gangs...or typical prison gangs.)
That’s where the problems are....there is always a pecking order in prison, and without that , it’s a run a muck. And a@@holes doing crap all the time without repercussions within. That don’t cause lockdowns.
When you get that many guys in one spot there has to be a group that kinda sets the law down and how the rest need to act.. ( that way this BS doesn’t go on so much)
do you understand what I’m trying to say?

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