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Originally Posted by Mommy0210 View Post
My brother is at Calhoun C.I.We heard from him around 12pm.Havent heard from him since.I am getting worried.I tried to call the prison and the phone is bisy.So which means the lines are down.How fast will they get power back?
It honestly will depend on the damage to the area. my boyfriend is in okaloosa and very little happened there but some wind and rain but by port st joe its a hot mess and power was out very quickly, and they aren't sure when power will be back. so just be patient, trust me I know its hard, last year when a hurricane came over jax we lost power for weeks and other areas were only without for a few hours if that, but they tend to focus on more populated areas first where the impact is greater on numbers. there are a ton of resources on the way there from around the state. and it should be ok here soon. my thoughts and prayers are with you during this time

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