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Originally Posted by CenTexLyn View Post
Not sure what Counties those facilities are located within, but the lifting of part of the order just goes to show the difficulties in any manner of large-scale movements...

Additionally, unless the facilities are prone to flooding, a prison facility is often the safest structure to be in during storms like this. Aside from the concrete construction, they often have their own water supply and their own generators for when the power goes out.

The problem comes with the ability to get into or out of a facility area, which can result in staff being limited to those who are working when the storm hits.
Ridgeland Correctional is the only facility in that region where the order was lifted.

They have about 900 men there, but there's the staff that's not accounted for. The main outlet from that prison is I-95 but they usually transport offenders by back roads. Still if they need to move en masse, the buses are 2 hours away in Columbia.

When we had the 1000-year flood in 2015, the facilities at the Broad River Complex experienced flooding that the men had to fend for themselves because many staff scheduled to work didn't show up.

This is the concern of many families, but no news as of yet of evacuation or preparation for emergent response plans.
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