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Default Which's More Important? Sentence Reduction or Extended Family Visits / Trailer Visits

Sentence Reduction (Good Time) or Extended Family Visits AKA conjugal/trailer visits? I want to let you know that EFVs aren't necessarily for physical pleasure purposes, but it can be overnight or weekend visits with immediate family members including kids for quality time. Right now, only 6 states allow conjugal visits. Fed-X, am I right? And right now, pretty a few states allow good time up to 50% off the original sentence depending on the severity of the various charges. Since we already have those in some states, why are we complaining about wanting more laws on these issues? I just don't understand? If we want a law changed, then we have to pick ONE that's MORE important to us then we can take action on writing up a bill proposal and send it to the state legistature then they'll take consideration. So now, I already rolled up my sleeves and ready to brainstorm on an legal outline so I can write a proposal for ONE of these. So... tell me, people, which's more important to yoU???????????

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