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Originally Posted by ambermarshall11 View Post
Thank you for your advice I guess he said that he can't bothee with me when he gets home he says I was cheating on him the whole time that he was locked up and he can't deal with that so I m ight get lucky my mom told me that it's all a mind game either way I will be safe if he wants to do something stupid then he will end right back up in prison thank you prison talk for the support it has helped me in many ways more then once I will definitely go on here when he comes home he said he's not coming to get his clothes or anything
Iím sorry, that hurts very much I am sure. I agree with your mom he sounds very immature and likes to play mind games. She sounds like my mom I had an ex that lived to get in your head and play games. My mom told me once why are letting him live in your head and take up space he isnít paying rent. I hope you find peace and happiness in your life. Good luck!!
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