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That could be their intent. I just wish they made it a bit more clear but since the email was sent out to customers I guess they're trying to reassure them that their safety is a priority.
If I was a customer & read it, my take would be that every driver has passed a background check before being allowed to drive or continue to drive. My experience has been that the general public (for the most part) assumes a background check excludes someone with a criminal history because in most cases companies don't hire someone with a less than clean background. It should be a case by case evaluation.

Maybe I'm hypersensitive because my son had job offers rescinded after his background came into play. It wouldn't have affected his ability to do the jobs or make the workplace unsafe but no one wanted to deal with any negative feedback if people found out he was working there with a background.
I'm going to reach out to Malcom Glenn & ask him to please clarify this for me.

Originally Posted by wholeshabang View Post
That's not how I read it. I understand it as they are aware of any criminal history and get notified if something happens involving a driver. Many companies in this day and age run background checks. In my experience they are only looking for certain offenses. When I used to hire airport workers, (in some instances) theft was a disqualifying crime whereas a DUI was considered acceptable.
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