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Originally Posted by miamac View Post
Mine was violent before prison and inside. He denounced his gang affiliation and hasn't had a physical altercation since (2011). It doesn't cause me to question anything about him. It shows me that he made a life-altering decision and has stuck with it.

But that's because of his choice to refrain from the lifestyle. If he were to go back to that, it would be a deal breaker. Namely because he has worked so hard to build his skills and break down his walls that it would take something extreme to get him back there. And that 'thing', whatever it might be, would have more of his attention than our relationship. I'm not up for that ride.
Mine did the same thing. He was all just because I was involved doesn't mean I believed in what they did or did it myself. I'm away from that life. It was me,it's not me.
You won't see him all over Instagram, or screenshots of conversations, and I don't care if you never know his name. Just know he's there & he's mine.

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