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Geesh where do I begin… my heart breaks every time I think about him. I hate him for doing what he did, I miss him because he moved again and didn't come or call home for help,and mostly I feel guilty for being so stubborn (just like him) not reaching out to him. My oldest brother and I drove 18 hours for his change of plead hearing. In hopes they would release him to us until sentencing. Nope. Tried to plan a visitation but negative on that too. Only contact visitation the last Thursday of the month. Only say him in shackles for a brief moment. Couldn't hug him or anything thing. Just told him that I loved him. He was my go to brother growing up like a security blanket. Now I just have to wait for his calls. This sucks. The "what if" run in my head all day long. What if I called him more…what if I would have begged him to come home…it goes on and on. Just waiting now until sentencing hearing. It's been 4 months now. But looking at 5-20 yrs federal.
Trying to stay positive and pray a lot!
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