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Hi, there is a lot to know about muncy but I will tell you in a nut shell... she cannot smoke for the first 3 months because she will be classified to a security level. (blues) there is a lot of illegal ciggerette trafficing through the inmates that are classifed (browns) she will get caught. she will get a misconduct. and she'll go to the hole (rhu) and the whole parole, pre-release thing will be ruined.

Tell her not to run her mouth. Not to do anything that will get her in trouble or get her looked upon as a bad inmate. She'll go to J-UNIT which is the worst possible place you could imagine.

You can't send her anything. You can send her books only though the book store. You buy it there and have them mail it to her and make sure you include her inmate number.

When you write her letters, DO NOT put, stickers, perfume, glitter, tape, homemade cards...because they will get sent back

when and if you go to visit her. Bring money in 5s and 1s and only your state ID in a zip loc baggie. Leave everything else in the car. No underwire bras. Please bring like 20 dollars with you to the visit room. bc she'll want food from the vending machine.

BTW. when she comes over for the visit. Make sure she has all state issued clothes. No watches, no jewelery.
Maybe if shes still in county you can bring her a CROSS necklace or a ring.. you can come in with thouse things. Tell her to wear her shower shoes when she comes upstate bc she'll be able to keep thouse things with her.

do you have any other questions?
Its not that bad there! Its decent. Really decent all things concidered

DO NOT tell anyone your sentence really. or how long you are there
ppl talk about their sentences all the time. and try to fix things and change things. it rarely ever happens.

try to get RRRI. if she has a violent crime she cannot get any good time.

tell her to be good. get involved. join the Marian Singers. don't smoke in her cell when shes in browns. DON'T FUCK UP or she'll be there past the 6 years.
get a good job there. try not to work in the kitchen. apply to work CWP the outside grounds crew.

and when she sees parole, ADMIT to the crime. Please take full responsiblity for the crime.

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Hi, My mom was arrested last July and had been in Franklin County Jail in chambersburg, PA, but is being transferred since her muncy. Does anyone know any details? Are inmates allowed to smoke? Is there a way to send items (clothes, bible, and such?) How many photos can we send and are they to be a certain size? Thanks for all information. I'm so worried for my mom and she'll be in for about 3 years. Wish I could be there for her.
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