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Default determinate sentence/flat bid

just wanted to clarify something that was in the sticky about how much time he will really serve. If you have a loved one that was sentenced to a flat bid, that does not mean that they have to serve 85% of the time. If he/she is a non-violent offender, he/she qualifies for the merit allowance which takes another 1/7th off their sentence. Also, if they meet certain criteria, they are eligibile for the CASAT program which includes work release. If they are serving time for a non-violent felony and meet the other criteria, they must first serve one year then do six moths in a rehab program within a CASAT facility and then go on to phase 2 of CASAT which is work-release. It used to be that flat bids were only for violent offenders which is why they had to serve 85% of their bid. But since the Rockefeller Laws were reformed, drug offenders are sentenced to flat bids also and thus are eligible for the merit allowance as well as good time. Hopes this helps. My info is accurate as I found it in the Rockefeller reform bill and was told the same info by several people at DOCS in Albany.
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