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I AM A RECENT VICTIM OF A SO CALLED "PLAYER / HUSTLER" CRIME, I say it cause it is and I mean they're still locked up literally! I never condone that kind of immature and childish behaviour and use my brains to kick them to the curb! I'm glad that I learnt of this while I was only a penpal so imagine if it happened for realz! Damn! I wouldn't be that silly 2 fall for their love & money making schemes! And yes! it does come both ways 4rm the male & female inm8s prospective so theres nobody to blame but our naive selves! But do keep in mind the only reason y they do what they do is bcoz: #1) they got nafing else better 2 do but 2 hurt peoples feelings & that they're just plainly cold-hearted & selfish! #2) they got years left to serve & #3) They have no hope in themselves! But then I do wholeheartly believe that there are still plenty of good men & women in there who just want comforting company, we just gotta see the signs of those "so called" playerz/hustlerz being overly nice 2 u & yet u've just met! And for me, I'm personally thankful that my best-friend who's also incarcerated stuck by me no matter what!

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