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I do believe someone downloading adult porn in large amounts can get other things slipped in especially if it's from a free site. I have talked to people who were viewing adult porn from free sites & they tell me that it's unregulated & some people post crazy stuff on there that you might not know is wrong by the title or whatever. The pay sites are regulated & monitored so they weed out anything illegal.
People are always skeptical when someone says they didn't know. Sometimes you can get an idea of how intentional their actions are if there's very few images, they weren't in an accessible area of files & by the sentence they receive. Someone who is truly into CP will usually have more files, other things associated & will be given a harsher sentence.
Regardless, once labeled it doesn't matter to law enforcement or the world if there was 1 image or 1,000. If you believe & support him then that's what works for you.

I wouldn't lie about him. It shows that you believe there's something wrong. If someone is nosy & brings it up you can always turn it back on them. Ask them why would they ask you about that & what does it matter. If they are truly supportive of you & want to help then tell them you appreciate their concern but are still trying to process what has happened. Leave it at that.
Please be strong. His sentence isn't long but what comes after release will take patience & support. Hopefully he can get some therapy that will help him figure out why he turned to porn, help him understand & make better choices. I'm not sure how it is in Canada but reach out to a support group to help you find your way. Prison Talk helped me when I needed it the most.
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