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Default they dont know what to say...PTO is your family, too

Thats really HARD!!! yeah people are scared to ask a lot of times. I dont think its really that they dont want to know...more like they dont know what to say...they think they are doing us a favor by not bringing the subject up to remind us...whether its the death of a loved one, a loved one that serving time...or even if your sick and been diagnosed with something terrible... so i bring the subject up myself... I say i got a letter from Gokoko today and go on to tell them what he's been up too...schooling projects, etc. thats me though, sometimes i even enjoy it when they squirm some ...
anyways, i hope your son is doing well...and dont forget you have family here now that want you to share, understand and are right beside you, 100%, 24/7

take good care...
Ba maa pi

(til the next time)

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