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Default My husband is bi-polar and he is a meth addict....

My husband is 37 yrs old, is bi-polar and has benn addicted to Meth for most of his adult life. When i met and fell in love with him he was clean. However at the time, I was coming off of my own addiction and little did i know about the road that i was about to go down. About six months into our relationship, he began using again. I didnt know much about Bi-polar illness until it was mixed with active addiction. While my husband used Meth he did't take his medication and "our" fight for his life was on. Not only did he act in the most violent and hurtful ways, but he did the most violent and hurtful things. I often tried to reason with my self to explain away the things he said and did. But soon realized that even in his moments of clarity, even he couldn't even explain the whys. I researched Bi-polar illness and Meth. It was then that I started finding the answers. Meth destroys lives but topped with mental illness, creates a battle that many do not win. Which leads me to the present. My husband has been clean since May 4, 2011 only with the help of the Idaho Dept. of Corrections. He will be released in late May 2012. I have faith that he will once again be the man that I fell in love with. Even when odds are against him, i will be there.

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