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Originally Posted by neighbor View Post
I have bi polar, ive been off meth 18 months, but it aint easy.
It seems like it set my mind back 30 years..I`m 45 now.
But good anti depresants, and mood stabalizers help me alot, I couldnt function without them.
I surround myself with drug prevention for kids,,I even like na meetings now.
But its starting all over now,for me.
I have to be trying to help someone thes days..Total opposite of what I used to be.
So with that and help from Jesus is how I make it these days.
But thats just me,.....Best of luck to all.
Congrats on 18 gets easier over time..just keep taking your meds and you will be in good shape in no time. I'm 8 years clean from meth and bipolar
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