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Originally Posted by FuturMrsHouston View Post
Yeah I thought about just waiting to get married once he's out but we've been in the process of getting married since October plus I already sent off for the marriage license along with a $90 money order so the trains already in motion so to speak. And I don't mind having to be alone after we marry I figure he'll only have 2 or 3 months left to serve by that time. We planned on having a real ceremony in Jamaica once he's off paper and then having our honeymoon right after. I just want to be his wife that's what matters to me.

And yeah the sleepless nights are hard but I figure hey at least it's for a much better reason than in the past, like right after the arrest, or sentencing or just knowing he had years and not months. I know you're happy your husband will be home Really soon too! Omg I can't believe we made it to 2018! Yaay us! Lol
Well then your wedding will be simply amazing. And it will be nice to get remarried in Jamaica. Yay
I have missed so much sleep I'm just about used to it now. I can barely sleep with him not being in bed with me I would struggle with that when he was home and I had to work early and he would stay up late. I would end up laying on the couch while he was playing games on the laptop. Yes I cant believe it's 2018 already and it's going so very fast. Yay us
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