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Originally Posted by Fredslady5 View Post
No one is perfect and we all have some issues ..but you can't save anyone without dragging yourself down with them.. move on to bigger and better , my dream is to become a lawyer... I'm all registered for the fall

I sure am happy for ya chica, hola. Good luck ... I am so focused law school and procurement of mi juris doctor in law. I am so ready(over decade of self-taught law)in california/some states on east coast.So i am going to wiz through it lol i can't wait.keep in touch with how it is going for you, i sure am excited.
and yep. Keepin' it movin.and it hurt 100x less when you're able to build create and just be happy waking up to see the sun again and know that you are going to have a healthy blessed happy day,without stress/nor drama nor dis-honor. I am just fine every body, as i do for years, and way before him i am happy and focus on growth,success, helping others,and not looking back.

I pray for him though. I however, see where his "future is headed,once again."

And, i am talkin'to(posted this in another thread)just 2 ole'friends,one i was so close with, his sister always FB twitter me.We all at least can talk again without fret, i will disappear as i know both think i will LOL i cut them off for the ex-factor and one was wonderful to me but i chose to do it, to keep the um ex happy. Just glad we are now talking again,both get out same year or around the same time soon enough, so we are talkin' (1 daily)as re-kindling our "friendship" since i am now a free agent again.God has ways of making things happen in life turn out for the best. If meant to be with the parole/probation violator, i will know later it was meant to be.I am however not sitting around fretting over anything, about him.He made his choice and as i told him(getting the last word)and i made mine.To remain happy as can be.Life is too short not to.
GOOD NIGHT pto'ers,and may god continue to bless YOU and your Loved ones."Hugs Blessings..."Adios.Bed time for this pto'er."
#TAAS (there are always signs,so DON'T ignore them)
Lead with your MIND + not your heart.

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