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Default His loss never yours

Hey Rare!!

You already know how I feel about this situation.

He lost a BEAUTIFUL SPIRITED woman, a great friend, a loyal and committed human being.

He has nobody to thank but himself for screwing up

Yes, the calls and letters and pleads of reconciliation are soon to follow; be prepared. Men that have a good thing ALWAYS return. As you mentioned HE NOW HAS TO SHOW YOU SO MUCH MORE BEFORE YOU EVEN LOOK HIS WAY AGAIN. HE IS AN ASS.

Yes, You love him, Yes you miss him HOWEVER Your peace of mind and happiness is all I care about!

He is right now banging his simple ASS head against the wall wondering how in the heck did he get here! I will say it again! HE WILL CALL, WRITE AND PLEAD FOR RECONCILATION. MARK MY WORDS


Stay Strong as I know you are already are and have been.. One foot in/one foot out...


These dudes, some of these dudes are so freaked up emotionally and spiritually sometimes they may never "get it" GUESS WHAT CHICA that is no longer your problem.

Kisses and Hugs!
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