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Thumbs up My fiancee/bff(EX) has violated his probation. He want me back & "loves me"

A new update:Good evening Pto'ers.Hola.

For all who said:

"He will be calling you again and will regret losing me who was the only person fully 100% there for him, as all read over here and we had barely 1 arguement for almost five years, well, you all were correct and i got the call 2x today from him from a "county jail phone."
We were truly so good together. We were in sync and it was awesome + he knew it,yet, he fell weak as he always has done since sadly his entire life and he has returned to the actual "hood" "streets as he puts it in a very bad part of Delaware." I got the call that most here and or some have already experienced when an ex or some 1 we once or love is not able to make it on the outside.

Key points of our "conversation" and for those who are not sure what happened prior, i will share highlights tonight..."

>I had set up our home for us to reside in(i own a couple east/west coast) and he was so happy. He was supposed to come home to me(ecstatic)for five yrs almost, and we barely argued/barely had anything negative to say about him on PTO because it was "that good, while he was in a structured facility."

>He then gets out during thanksgiving weekend @ midnight and he was so happy, he rush to call me as i was not allowed to get him as planned since he was taken right from prison to this drug/alcohol/substance abuse halfway house, and he did call immediately (Few times)when he arrived as promised.

He had to do his "halfway house time" as a condition and under state supervision(DELAWARE DOC) for at least five months til'March or April then home to me, IF he engage in mandatory urine test/therapy,and he failed already by having an illegal cell phone inside, and he was using drugs even if he could not say it for months to me while he always promised me different,was even proving himself prior to (months of coming home)then admit he was using inside and now was continuing using "drugs"inside of the halfway house, yet "he was supposed to be working TWELVE hour days and sleepin' "the other eight hours"and was offering to send me his pay check or half.(I told him keep it for him.), fines and everything else he would need.The money was clearly being spent on other things.

My father says still and my brother "a man with too many excuses is a man without a future with a good woman who truly love him, and was so loyal to such a man. Bad karma is alway lurkin' and the DEVIL in the streets out there is not asleep. I believe that. I will not go back without proof of a change and by then i am sure it will be way too late.I shall not go back and "wait" for such change.I pray for him though.
For all pto support members publicly and via PM telling me, i am so strong to have just finally after almost five years, give up and simply walk away/not look back after i've given him so many years of loyalty and major support for years, you all were right and i appreciate the support. He is right back behind bars, as predicted within 12 weeks almost. We were so very happy but i was not seeing the "entire picture"until he precluded showing me ACTION most important imo is out here once released and i have no regret moving on with mi nice quiet suburbia life, in california and now, east coast."
I will be starting law school later fall of 2018 and i am going to continue writing mi books, being an author, recording music, writing songs/screen play and staying as busy as i am with helping others and being there to empower so many here and off line.I truly believe IF he is not willing to do what is right, as i told many here, you're going to have to decide and be able to re-assessed such relationship and walk away IF he continue to undermine what beautiful bond/relationship HEALTHY relationship you two have shared as mi fiance(ex)had for almost five years. I didn't want to do it but i had to.I seen this all coming.I had to walk. Now, i see i made for all certainty the right/best decision for me. #NO REGRETS but he of course, want me back now and has made this clear earlier, while also telling me that, he know i miss him."However, i never told this man i missed him, as i know he wanted to hear this from me."
#TAAS (there are always signs,so DON'T ignore them)
Lead with your MIND + not your heart.
CONSISTENCY,communication"is key.Without action, it just isn't real.

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