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I received a reply today, certified return receipt requested. It was from the City Attorney for the police department. They said that all further correspondence regarding my request needs to be forwarded to them. Interesting that they got the City Attorney involved but maybe that is normal procedure. I don't know.

It went on to say that after doing some preliminary research that it appears I am an attorney licensed in the State of Minnesota, therefore pursuant to 552.222(b) of the Act, please clarify whether you are seeking information made the subject of the Request as an agent of or the attorney for (inmate).

Now of course I'm not an attorney. Someone didn't research very well which really isn't surprising but would I be considered an agent of him or not? I can't tell if that would be helpful in getting this information or not.

This is the portion that they referenced. I have reason to believe that their are BOXES of information regarding this case held by the police department that the attorney never received copies of. I am seeking ALL information and maybe that is too much to ask for but I have reasons to believe that there is information that will exonerate him contain in this evidence. I don't want to get into what information I do or don't want because I don't know what they have. I was pretty clear in my request that I wanted all documents pertaining to his arrest and subsequent conviction, but I put in specific documents I wanted such as DNA results, police reports, ballistic reports, etc.

Any suggestions on how to respond?

Sec. 552.222. PERMISSIBLE INQUIRY BY GOVERNMENTAL BODY TO REQUESTOR. (a) The officer for public information and the officer's agent may not make an inquiry of a requestor except to establish proper identification or except as provided by Subsection (b) or (c). (b) If what information is requested is unclear to the governmental body, the governmental body may ask the requestor to clarify the request. If a large amount of information has been requested, the governmental body may discuss with the requestor how the scope of a request might be narrowed, but the governmental body may not inquire into the purpose for which information will be used.
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