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I am not familiar with Texas, but recently used the FOI in Connecticut. It was surprisingly easy, however the material that I was seeking was not anything of much concern. Here are a couple resources:
From the office of the Attorney General:

National Freedom of Information Coalition:

Sample letters you might use:

I would suggest being very clear about what you need and spelling that out. You must also specify an amount that you are willing to pay for the materials. In my case, it was only $25, but this turned out to be more than sufficient. I also used my email address and told them that they could communicate through email if they preferred. I thought that this way, if there were electronic records it would potentially lessen the cost. Good luck!


After a quick look, it does not appear these records fall within FOI. There was something about the Texas Open Records's the link.

Also, you may want to see if you can qualify for Legal
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So...What's your point?

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