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I am so sorry you and he are having to deal with this.

I'm fairly certain that, yes, if there was a scheduled legal call, it does violate his rights to not allow him to make the call. I also know that it's not at all uncommon. Doesn't make it right, but it's not uncommon. If the call was with the courts, it will be up to the judge to get the attorney(s) involved to make this happen. If it was with his attorney, it's up to the attorney to make sure this happens. "Making sure" often involves further threat of legal action against the institution.

I wish I could tell you what to do to make this right, but often all complaining does is make things harder on him inside. I would suggest that he start keeping a log of every time someone says something like this. Eventually he'll have enough evidence to show a pattern of behavior, and then he can write to the Inspector General for DOC asking for relief from the situation. He's taking a big chance there, and should acknowledge that he's aware of the possibility of retaliatory action in his letter, but sometimes this works. Not always, but sometimes.
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