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Originally Posted by noeliz4life View Post
how do women stay happy in these relationships? how do you settle for this and be ok?

im having a hard time finding my happy. i was happier single.

its too much damn waiting!!
I don't "settle 4 anything that i don't feel is "worth it."

Hola chica, and lol @ you sayin' "too much DAMN waitin' lol " i year ya. LOL I however do not look @ this as i am sittin' around just "waitin' for any man in prison. or in jail, county etc.,pero(but) rather for him to be out of a correctional facility to begin his life (as he say with some 1 like me)a "rare amor +
a real woman
, both things that he has NEVER in his entire dark negative life had for over 27 years... In any event, i really don't find this "waiting hard now as it is so effortlessly, and consistent on mi part throughout, as his, we both realize, this is a POC...(Piece of cake!)It's not hard at all as i was thinkin' @ first, it might be, and also for him. But, it really is not

I shall expound more below for you.

I've been so busy with (take too long to run all down here at PTO)but the more abridge version as i am always writing and a songwriter for decades, lyricist,author, a busy mom of daughters,since late 90s + 2000s) I am going for law jurisdoctor degree, advocate, an aspiring actress (auditions)i love to go on all over, whether i get a part or not, screenwriter, with a multi-biz, while starting a new brand of LOTION and make up line coming out (happy about that) and a growing-consulting business, and motivational speaker.

A Life Coach inspiring,and empowering many worldwide on relationships, to empowerment of women,an inmate activist, a bail-inmate reform advocate, to children grandparent advocate, elderly rights advocate, family causes,advocate, who get to travel when (few x a year) when i can. I just was in his neck of the woods again, (Illinois) just recent, further west coast and i love it, to get away when i can, and he respect that,and showing him i am still going to be livin', mi good suburbia, nice quiet DRAMA-free god-blessed life, while he is in jail while making sure he is straight, and doing OK, while in there."
That helps me to not feel so bad IF he is not able to call me or no mail that certain day, or if i miss his calls, and or can't text, as he can now text too only ONE assigned person with the text feature in IL, the inmates have in county jail and or while in a seg/shu/hole situation etc. i PREFER talking on fone than a text any day.So we talk so much. We prefer that,til he is free, via phone time,expensive, but is worth it for us." visits til he is able to be free, hopefully soon.

I always have prayer sessions, whether at the local church, and or at home." I am always doing something ya know, and making sure I do not allow mi happiness chica, to be defined, by a man in a jail cell or in the street." I have to stay busy have mi OWN vida(life) while he is doing his time,

and i am still livin' and being happy,whether he is in for another long year or 2 yrs,or not. I have my own outside interest and i pursue all of them."

When he is out of this mess? We will see, if he remain as wonderful in the real world we live in. We will continue to build, but take it slow, while growing, even this long time now, (currently @ a year and a 1/2)almost 2 years already." Just try and keep yourself BUSY. Best advice i can give chica, and it shall become easier.
Hugs and Blessings to you tonight. PM me anytime." God bless you...Adios.
Let no one hold you back from being happy.
Know when it's time to say no mas(no more.)

Life is too short to "settle for anything less."

#Strength is Power. #KnowyourWorth
#taas (there are ALWAYS signs.)Don't ignore them.

Lead with your MIND + not your heart.

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