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My personal opinion is that some people (as in men & women) measure their happiness too much on what they are "getting"... instead of giving and what they already have. I realized during the last years of knowing my man who's in prison that I need to have my own life and try to be as happy and fulfilled as I can and then I can really appreciate the "extras" he's giving me and adding to my life. I don't measure my happiness on how often he calls, writes or what else he does for me. He actually doesn't write anymore (except cards for holidays/birthdays), he rather calls and during the last 6 months he could hardly call but you know what? It's not easy but I understand and I'm not down and out - I appreciate every life-sign he can give me and I know it'll be different/better once he gets moved to the new facilty. In the meantime I've been to the Maldives, Italy and enjoying my life and getting fat
And that's how I stay happy in this crazy relationship.. ;-)
Follow your heart but take your brain with you...

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