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The most important thing for me is that I'm happy within myself, have a good life and whatever the man does for me is only a positive addition to my already good life. I cannot depend on a guy who's in prison for a lot of things, they can give me warmth and love and some other things but he's just not here with me so I have to rely on myself and not on him.
When I read some of the posts here and on other threads I can't shake the feeling that some of those ladies depend too much on what the guys deliver (calls, cards, sweet words, etc.) and if he cannot deliver (for whatever reason) they almost fall apart.
We didn't put them in prison, that's totally on them, we can only (emotionally and mentally and sometimes financially) support them but we are not responsible for them otherwise.
I'm not "waiting" for him to come home and deliver, I'm waiting for him to be free and to start living his life again, if I'll be in it needs to be seen (it takes two to tango). As I've said in a ton of other posts: not sitting on packed boxes.
Don't share the shackles with him/her, live schackle-free
Follow your heart but take your brain with you...

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