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I'm sorry for your loss!! The way that things has been left so incomplete, that should of been complete and wasn't. The what ifs will be there and the thoughts will be there as well. It does get easier as time moves forward! As days become weeks, months and years. But it doesn't fully go away and you'll have your moments from time to time. You'll go through all sorts of emotions during this time. But what you can do is what has been mention to you already. To beat a pillow, scream out loud, talk out load. You get it out however way you must to release what your feeling without holding it in and bottling it up! Grieve and the more you get it out the better you'll slowly start to feel. Just because he's no longer here on this earth physically doesn't mean he isn't here on this earth spiritually. So when your screaming, talking out loud, beating up a pillow/etc. Just know he's there spiritually he's seeing it and listening, the only thing he can't do is respond back to you the way you'll want him to. I'm praying that you'll heal and that you'll be able to get peace in all of this as well. I'm sorry for your loss once again.
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