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Originally Posted by GingerM View Post
My heart goes out to you Izzy.

I'm still mad at my Dad at times. I still have "conversations" (out loud) with "him". It helps me to say things out loud instead of keeping them bottled up. I doubt he can hear me now anymore than he could hear what I was saying when he was alive, but it still helps.

You have a lot of unresolved issues between the two of you, with no way to resolve them now. One thing that helps me at times is to ask "If he were still alive, would the issue have had a possibility of being resolved?" Most of the time, the answer is no. And if it couldn't be resolved in life, there's no way it can be resolved now. So I work on accepting that a lack of resolution is sometimes a resolution by itself.

Doesn't make it hurt less, though. Much much support from me.
Thanks Ginger. It couldnt be resolve in live... It couldn't be resolved with alcohol. I'm just very sad. There was no happy ending with this. Boyfriends Mom said that I'm going to feel every emotion emaginable... I don't think I have enough Fireball for that...

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