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Originally Posted by Panda70 View Post
Yesterday was my birthday and that is a day that your supposed to spend it with your special guy well last night I had a hour and a half with him on my birthday. It was nice but not like it's supposed to be. I told him when he gets out we will have a lot to celebrate

Happy belated birthday!!!

One thing I find that keeps me happy in this relationship is every time I get something from him - whether that be a letter, a card, an email, or a call - it's like a nice little surprise that breaks up my week if that makes sense. Or, to reword it, there's always, always something to look forward to (including weekly video visits). So knowing, that each week, I'll have a couple emails from him, or we'll get to chat on the phone (Thursdays are our usual day - so tonight! Yayy!!! lol), or that this week I'll be getting a letter from him, or even that I get to see him through video visits on weekends - all of those things keep me going. Any communication with him is like getting a present all over again. It really, really has helped time fly. I mean, 8 months ago I never would've thought... but here we are!
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