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Originally Posted by noeliz4life View Post
how do women stay happy in these relationships? how do you settle for this and be ok? im having a hard time finding my happy. i was happier single. now im not as happy bc i want things i can't have, like him here! or just a phone call or a text when i want instead of waiting! it's always a waiting game, wait for the call, wait for the mail, wait for a text, wait for a visit, wait for realease day...its too much damn waiting!!
I have a lot of patients and understanding way before my man came into my life. I've always been a rider for what I'm loyal to. When we met I had been to myself 6+ years so the "waiting part" never was a big issue because I've done it. This my first time being in a relationship with a man that's incarcerated. The experience is a lot to bear when it's new to you. But as the years gone by it gets more bearable to manage. All that comes with being with a man that's incarcerated and cant have that fulfilling relationship that you desire. He wanted to wait till he's released to have something with me and truthfully I was agreeing. But our chemistry was way too strong to wait and we got together. I'm committed to him and our relationship. I can wait even though I have my good to bad days. He has been so supportive of me and being there to keep me going. He understands and he doesn't get mad he knows how hard it is to have a relationship when incarcerated. His true dedication is what keep our relationship strong and worthy. Which makes me ride for him even more I'm loyal to this man as he's loyal to me. He make sure of it and in return I do the same. I'll remain strong and committed to our relationship while he finish up the rest of his bid.

This definitely not for ALL!!!! It takes a lot to be truly committed to the relationship or marriage when your partner is incarcerated. You've got to deal with the up and down roller coaster of waiting..for the calls, letters, waiting for released and waiting for visits. He or she suffers right along with you as well. If y'all both are strong enough you'll be able to have the strength to get through it. True love has no boundaries and when the love is true/worth it. You or your partner wouldn't allow those walls to defined what ya'll both have for one another.
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