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Having had our baby right before he got sent in, I'd say no.
I had to bail him out of county so he wouldn't miss the birth because it broke my heart to think I'd have to tell him over a phone call, "Your daughter was born" Him having to wait and wonder what she looks like til I was able to send a picture or visit him.
He was home for 2 short months, back in county and saw him 2 or so months later in prison. It's so hard on him missing the little things. He talks all the time of just wanting to lay her on his chest and fall asleep. Now that we have visits taken away, its even harder on him. The simple fact he cant even hear her little laugh. Half the time I get depressed when she learns something new and I have to tell him because I hear it in his voice that hes upset hes missing it.

Time is definitely harder with a baby.
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