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Originally Posted by Janinyc View Post
Many prison do not allow the "special visits" and even if they did,

I would not allow myself to get pregnant while my man is in there.

We spoke of making a family before prison and we agreed that we would wait until he comes home,

because he would miss out on the entire pregnancy

and the birth and a few of the baby's firsts.

He was like he has to be around for everything, and how he would feel like he was not even apart of creating the baby if he was away while I was pregnant.

I so cannot wait until that sexy man comes home!! I cannot wait to start our family!!

I'm liking this post and i've read many... I think a year old/and or a lil longer.
aw. chica. i hope all is well with you and may god bless you and your loved one. Love this.
Hugs and Blessings.
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