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Default List of approved vendors for Used Books at Stafford Creek

Hi everyone,

I'm new, I looked up an old friend and started writing to him. He's been in for 12 years and has about 5 to go. The rules for publications at SCCC allow used books from "approved" non-profits.

I really like "Better World Books" ( I can't post the URL as a link yet, but you can type in the name and it's *.com* ) , I have been buying books there for years for myself. The shipping is FREE, and books average about $3.50 to $4.00 each! Also, all the profits go to Education, so thats really cool in my opinion. Check out the site..

How can I get a list of the approved non-profits?

One more small question: What is the maximum number of pages I can send in an envelope?

THANKS for any replies in advance!!
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