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I love this man and he is in there for practically a life sentence. I have two daughters from a previous relationship and he has one from a previous relationship. We have none together. I have thought about what it would be like to have a child with him, as I love him dearly, but knowing he is in there without possibly ever getting out makes me say NO! And that's just me. He loves his daughter and is so active in her life, and he is getting to know my daughters more and starting to play a role in their life. I don't think I could take on a baby right now. I would love to have a child with him, I would just want him to be here to see all the precious moments and create special moments as a family. Actually I made a joke once in reference to sex...but said it as "lets make a baby" and the way he responded was incredible. He had actually responded as if he had thought it over. He feels the same way I do. He said he would never want to do to another child what he has done to his daughter...which is not be able to be present in her life. I finally mustered up the guts to tell him I was joking, but I told him I loved how much thought he put into the answer
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