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Thegeneralswife wow I did not hear about that in then news that is crazy??? sad part is generalswife u know that alot of these guards are
allowing that, u know have to be because there is no way a inmate or
a visitor would have that kind of pull to do that.
Its a sad world we live in not all the CO's because I know some good ones
but a lot of them need to be locked up in prison theirselves,( u know)
If you could gear me to that article I would love to read it.
I know I read 1 about a inmate their at big sandy from miami that
murdered another my brother said even minding your own buisness
you are forced to protect yourself everyday, you have no choice
he said if you are weak they will step all over you literally.
Isnt that awful , so you ask yourself how is a inmate suppose to
carry out clean time when they cant because of staff and other inmates
who dont care, no rehabilitation whatsoever please pray for my brother.
Thanks for the info too.

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