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There were alot of "relationships" where I was at. Alot of them seemed to be like little kids in elementary...You know the "Will you go with me? Check Yes or No"...I have good friend who was in a relationship and when I asked her why she said for her it had to do with the need of human contact and the need to feel loved. I understood what she was saying but I, myself, was comfortable being by myself as I was. To see a "couple" was a pretty common thing. Though for most of them it was an identity because the chances of contact were pretty slim and it seemed like when (if) a couple came into contact, everyone knew it and they would get a case. And for other women, they did it because they were bored and there is only so much letter writing, religious services and studying they could tolerate at one time. Others' just liked the drama that came with that kind of association.

I am not sure if this helped or not but it is pretty much how I saw it when I was a confinee.
God bless you and keep you and know that God works in mysterious ways and he will see you through all.
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