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For me, I know that this was a way that God forced me to take the relationship slowly. Usually I jump into things too fast. But with him in prison, I can't do that. We have to take our time. Through the slow progression of our relationship I feel closer to him that I have ever felt to anyone else. We share our lives together in letters, in visitation, and on the phone.
When I visit the CO's hit on me. Which is messed up because most of them are married.
I did see something rather disturbing on my last visit. A couple across from me was very touchy feely...but that's not the bad part. It was so incredibly obvious that he didn't care about her. I don't think he even looked at her once. All her cared about was that some chic was there rubbing on his nuts. Gross...
For her, I do believe it's about low self esteem. She was overweight and didn't have much respect for herself. I wanted to stand up and walk over there and punch him in the face. I hate people like that.
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