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I do not have low self esteem at all for me its the exact fiancee is good friends wyt a friend of myne..I am tall wyt good hair big chest nice shape all the way around and 99.9% of men that i meet in the street only see my outter beauty not me as a i was talking to my friend on the phone and asked hym to have one of hys homeboys wryte me about 1 week later I received a letter from what is now my fiancee. we wrote for about 3 weeks then I gsve hym my number then after 2 months of talking I sent hym a pic..he told me I was beautiful and that was it...we continued on lyke regular...I wanted a man to love me for me not my features or my preety looks!!!! and i have that now and wouldnt gyve it up for nytten in thys world
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