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Originally Posted by tbrizing
For those of you who don't know, I met my baby while I was a CO at a correctional facilitly. I want to share with you some of the things I heard from other people and I would love your feedback just to see where your mind is. I would love to have the opinions of my fellow MWI, and all others as well!!!

1. Do you think women who met their men while he was incarcerated, is less attractive than the average woman? in many, many cases...yes.

2. Do you think that a woman who writes to a man as a penpal has low self esteem and is searching for trouble? Why would any human take the time and write to a man while he's incarcerated? she may have low self esteem...yes, or she may not. i don't think she's searching for trouble though. i think she's searching for someone to either fill a void in her life, or she's searching for someone under the belief that she can fill a void in their life.

3. What about the women who met their men from that accidental phone call. Why would you accept a call from a man who is in prison when we all know the games that inmates play with the phone? well i wouldn't accept a phone call from a dude in prison, but that's just me. i know the games inmates play...and i wouldn't want to find out if he was playing them or not. however, there are people that would accept the call. we all do things for different reasons. however, stranger things have happened and if it's meant to be it will be, whether it's through a phone call, or a prison hook up, or working there...or however.

These are some of the statements I hear from people from time to time.
i do think that many mwi relationships start off because the woman has low self esteem and the inmate is willing to do whatever it is he needs to do to get where he needs to be. however, there are those relationships that are genuine and sincere from the door...where both parties are healthy and just looking for more.

this question will always have mixed answers, in my opinion, because there are a mixture of purposes in mwi relationships.
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