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I think I am somewhat calloused. I just dont care anymore.

I eat out daily so most of my fav restraunts know me by first name. I was sitting at Fridays, writing to a pen pal when the waitress sat opposite me and picked up his old letter to see what I was doing. I just told her straight up, I am writing to a friend who is incarcerated. The look on her face was priceless and she left without saying another thing. I have since went back and had her serve me and she will now ask me, "did you get a letter today? What did he say?" I just tell. Screw it. I am old, too old to be worried about whether she thinks I have low self esteem.

And if anyone thinks I am less attractive because of my prison involvement, oh well. I never have been one to define myself by others eyes. Not even when I was that 20 yo waitress.
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