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Originally Posted by Ant's Girl
I think that women who meet or engage in MWI relationships have low self esteem, are less attractive, and must "like trouble" just as much as I think that:

1. Just because you are convicted of a crime must also mean that you must not be capable of engaging within a honest and good quality relationship. For example: I stole a car and I am in jail for grand theft auto. This must also mean that I will manipulate you, ask you to spend all of your money, and leave you for the 25 other women who come to visit me on the weekends that you do not. Yes, I stole a car when I was 18, and now I am 25. There is no way that I could possibly regret what I did 7 years ago as "people never mature as they age." This must also mean that since I stole a car and am now serving time, that I am not capable nor deserving of giving or receiving love.

2. That a relationship sholud either be "discounted" or validated" when considering the specifics of how, where and why a couple met. For example:
A) Since we met at "Disneyland," our relationship is "destined to succeed" since we met on the "happiest place on
B) E-harmony must be a "good place to meet someone" since it is not only advertised on television, but people must take "personality tests which promise the hopes of a good match." (Good thing that it "isn't possible" to lie on a test.)
C) My neighbor looks good in his three piece suit and is well spoken. He even has a job and a car! This must mean that he will always be honest, will never lie, and that his intentions in "borrowing some sugar last Saturday night" were 100% legit! (How sweet is was..........JK)
D) We MWI- This means that I have low self esteem, I am ugly, and I like trouble. This means that he has no good intentions for me what-so-ever (based on his location and conviction) and that I am too stupid to know the difference between a good relationship and one that I am being manipulated.

3. "Love makes the world go around,"........................but must stop at all prison gates.

I know that I am being really sarcastic, but I am only trying to prove a point because I do not like it when society makes assumptions based on their own stupidity, a lack of information, and "fear." (Not talking to you, The Truth.........and please know that).

We all have strengths and weaknesses. We all have securities and insecurities. We all make mistakes and learn from them.................or not. We all take chances and some pay off............ and some don't. Some get heartbroken, some break hearts, and some.........just get some. (HA). Some are educated and others are street smart. What works for one will not work for another and what one considers as being out of the norm may be considered they only way for the next. Some take on more than a full plate while others dish it out. Some people wiegh more than others and osme have BIG HEADS. Some think that they know it all while others could care less. I could go on forever.

Who knows why we do what we do. This is life and so long as the way that I live my life does not hurt somone else, (in the way that their life is disrupted) then whatever I do (and how I feel) is on me. It doesn't mean that I am fat, that I have "issues" or whatever else society likes to think.

My philosophy is that when people have nothing better to do other than form an opinion about me, (a total stranger) the way that I live I why I live it that way, then I must have "more of a life than them," for I have more things to worry about other than what (or who) she is doing and why.

I am sure that this post has caused some to "form an opinion of me," and please know that I went a little overboard only to prove a point.

Preach Pastor!!!!! lol. Girl you said that. Man, I love my baby to death but sometimes people can be so rude to me!!!!!!!!!!!!! It hurts my soul to hear some of the things my own family has to say about me and my relationship!!!!! Honestly, I had to question my morals. I mean Im a very attractive african american woman, and I don't have low self esteem, not even close!!!!! But I did question who I was based on what others thought about my situation!!!!!
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